WK2 Classmate Converstiona


Hello classmate this is Amy Song, she is currently a Biology major. This is her 2yrs at CSULB. Amy is a really nice person who loves animals and has 3 dogs of her own. Amy wants to be a veterinarian. As a child she took art classes and she talented when it come to art. So as you can assume Amy believes art is important subject in today’s world. Amy says art lets people know what you consider art. Amy also mentioned that we project art all around us and it brings like minded people together. Art bring people together to social event which lets people state their opinion and share a different point of view that some may not have seen or notice. As we talked more and more Amy was began to tell me that she doesn’t think there isn’t enough importance on art in school currently. Art should be factorized more since it opens up people minds to new and amazing ideals. It also helps people see a piece of art from multiple perspectives. Amy did have a rebuttal art has been long before us and will be here long after us.


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