WK2 Landscapes with a Corpse

There is around 12 people a day that are injured or killed by a car crash. The majority of the time they are not on the new, so many people aren’t aware of how often they occur. So for an experiment i thought thought i would show a “car accident”. I had a friend take pictures of me while laying in front of a non-moving car. It was an interesting experience a few people seen and looked at us weird but with out know what is really going on many people would think it weird too. While taking pictures I did have to move a few times since real cars were trying to pass. As they pass they would stop or slow down to see what we were up too. No one asked questions but if they did I wanted to let them know accidents happen so often but are unreported or not so serious to be on the news. The truth is that all accidents are serious and people should be more concerned with them. The main reason I did car accidents was because my dad was in a really bad accident when I was in High school. I feel like there was not enough done to find the person responsible for all his injuries.


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