Wk 3 – Artist Conversation- Andrew Hansen


Exhibition Information

Artist: Andrew Hansen
Exhibition: Why Not?
Media: Oil painting, Drawing & Painting, Ceramic
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: N/A
Instagram: albabroski

About the Artist

Andrew Hansen is currently attending CSULB as a undergraduate student. This is Andrew last year at CSULB, he does many different media art forms but focuses on oil painting. Andrew wants to get a master in art so he can one day  teach art at a university level. Andrew has been doing oil paints for about 3 years and been drawing since high school. Andrew is a talented artist and has not only designed his own tattoos but also designed other peoples tattoos. Andrew works at a Bar in San Diego as a bouncer.

Formal Analysis

The “Bar Scene #1” is an oil painting. The painting is very detail and colorful. However, it is not detailed enough to be a realism piece. The painting displays a bar scene where its darker in the areas that would be consider to be closer to the person point of view. The lighter areas are in the center of the painting where you can see the bar. Andrew also talked about how he choose the colors of the painting, which was from the actual bar he worked at in San Diego.

Content Analysis

The painting display a bar scene from the point of view of the bouncer. Andrew usually paints things he sees or have experience. Since he was a bouncer he have seen this too many time to remember, a woman getting approached by multiple guys. Being a bouncer at a bar he wanted to show the environment of a bar. Andrew also explained he knew everyone in the paints, they are all friends. The painting exhibit a friendly environment, people talking among themselves laughing and having a good time.

Synthesis / My Experience

Andrew oil painting of a bar scene stood out to me because of how detailed it was and how she captured the environment of the bar. I can relate to the painting since I only been to a bar a few times and it seems like a similar experience I had. I seen girls being approached by different guys buying her drink while there was other groups of people just talking relaxing and laughing. I like how as a bouncer Andrew captured the process of having to ID people as they walk in but also notice the daily situation where women are being bought drinks and approached by men.


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