Wk 3 Classmate Conversation – Alex Miramontes


Hello Art class, this week i had the pleasure of talking to Alex. Alex is psychology mojor with a minor in human development. This is Alex 4th year at CSULB and is planned to graduate in Spring of 2017. Alex grew up with four older brothers. He is from Carson California. Alex commutes daily to school. Alex and I talked about our interest and hobbies for a while. We both discovered that we play the same games online on the same system(Play Station 4). We both play a series called Call of duty and Battlefield but his favorite game right now is Overwatch. We exchanged gamer tags so we can play one day. We also discovered that we both have the same favorite color red. Alex likes to see movies and go to concerts on his free time. Then we made a question of the week :”If we were artist which form of medium would we work with?” . Alex explained how he would like to be a photographer. Alex likes the fact with photographs you can capture many memories and you can get creative with a photo. A photo can be abstract depending on the angle and how the photographer wants to portrays an image.


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