Wk 4- Art Experience – Automatic Drawing

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Hello ArtClass 110,

Week four was about drawing with out an intentional outcome or picture. As for my partner I choose Monique from class. Monique and I decided we would work on the drawing at the library but it might have  been a bad decision since we laughed a lot and loudly. We ha a few people look over but we could not stop laughing. Maybe next time we decide to do this again we will choose a better location.

As for my experience i had lots of fun and laughed a lot but it was a little weird. I wouldn’t mind doing this again because we will never truly know what will be drawn and how creative two mind can be. When drawing freely we can express ourselves and see how we can connect with an other human being. In our photo it doesn’t look that bad and we accidentally drew what looks like a taco on the bottom left corner(one of the reason we laughed). Overall this was a fun experience and would not mind doing this again.


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