Wk4 – Artist Conversation -Cintia Segova Figueroa

Exhibition Information

Artist: Cintia Segova Figueroa
Exhibition: Mexico Already Changed
Media: Photography, Cinematography
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery East
Website: www.cintiasegovia.com/
Instagram: Only has personal account

About the Artist

Cintia Segova Figueroa is from Mexico City, Mexico. She moved to the Unnited States about 6 years ago. Cintia is currently a graduate student at California State University, Long Beach where she is part of the School of Art’s photography program. Cintia emphasizes her art work on analog and digital photography but she also does video to express her views and thoughts. Most of her inspiration comes from what has happen to her or what she see all around, mainly focusing on her heritage. The main reason Cintia does photography is because when she was about seventeen years old she got a 33mm camera and loved taking photo. After she wanted to be an art major but her parents did not approve. So Cintia went into college as communication. Cintia got a job working at FOX where she learned how to create videos and how to edit.

Formal Analysis

Mexico Already Changed is a multi-medium art form. Cintia uses a video and a robotic to convey her view points. In the video she is talking about politic. For this exhibit Cintia used real live new that happened in Mexico that could be controversial in the media. She used  video type art to incorporate her sarcastic and witty humor.

Content Analysis

The exhibit talks about many Mexico mass media and how they address topics like immigration and stereotypes that is currently happening. The robot,  “El Roboto” was a robot that had a sensor and speaker that once reach an object like a person would stop and ask questions that proctors would ask immigrants coming to the United States. Some question did not even deal with Mexican issues, for example, the proctor would ask “Are you part of a communist party?” So that shows you that the questioning was unrelated. The robot would also ask “Do you like a tamale?” which is a stereotypical question that Cintia inserted to show how immigrates would be treated.

Synthesis / My Experience

I personally like how Cintia used the video and robot to get her message across. I found it different than most artist I’ve seen, it brings to light the controversial issues being face in Mexico. Many may not even see or realize the real life issues immigrates face and being a Mexican I wonder how my grand parents and their parent were treated while being raised in Mexico ad how they came to the United State.



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