Wk5 – Artist Conversation – Ralph Acosta

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Artist: Ralph Acosta
Exhibition: RELAX: Reimagining Los Angeles International Airport
Media: Photography, Typography, Videography
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: N/A

Ralph Acosta grew up in Los Angeles California in the 70’s. As a child Ralph would enjoy watching planes landing and taking off from airport strip. Ralph would also go to the area in the airport where they would handle the luggage to see the planes closer. Ralph graduated from California State University, Long Beach about twenty years ago and he came back to CSULB for his master. Ralph recently graduated with RELAX being one of his recent project that took about a year. Ralph knew form the beginning that he wanted to be a graphic artist. Being a older student he was not used to the idea  that art can be approached more than one way. Ralph had to learn to approach art from a different way, thinking out out side of the box.

RELAX has a few different art aspect which made it unique and interesting. Using the architecture and geometry of the airport Ralph created a logo as well as a theme for his whole project. Ralph also used a short film that looped to show an older version of the airport where it was a friendly environment. In the video it also show facts about LAX which is informal to the ordinary traveler waiting for their next flight. Ralph created a demo application travelers would be able to use to get information on their flights. The app does not only tell them where the gate is located or the time of arrival or departure but information on the plane itself. Information about the type of engine it has, the size and other unique information that would be interesting to the passenger.Ralph one day hopes to create this app for the public and hopes to see airports friendly and see people appreciate the architecture of the airport. Ralph used the colors blue and orange since the ocean is blue and orange is an international color used in aerospace industry and means.

RLAX has been one of my favorite exibit so far this semester, not only does it contain great information about airports but the format of the entire art piece is put together so well I felt like airports should be similar to this. Growing up I personally liked to watch planes fly by and wonder where they were heading to or where they were coming from, with Ralph app people who think the same way would be able to find all this information and more out. I liked how he incorporated the geometry of the landing strip into the actual design. The colors used went well with each other and they actually had some meaning to Ralph.



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