wk5- Painting – Graffiti

The graffiti was a fun experience, I might have rushed it a little too much but I think it came out a little decent. At first I thought I would be able to fit my name on one piece of cardboard but since I ran out of room I added an other box. For a first time user of spray paint the letter are decent enough to be read and I tried to draw a pig but it didn’t come out too good. Next time I want to mess around with the can tips to get a different type of lettering. If I had more time in the day I could have done better and i plan on doing some more legal graffiti to  have a little fun. I might even get my cousin who have a little more artistic talent to give me some pointers and show me what spray can are good. I want to get some more colors as well to mix it up a little.


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