Wk 8 -Sketches -Japanese Garden

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This was my first time sketching at the Japanese Garden. Although I have been there a few times before every time I walk its so peaceful and relaxing. The view simple amazing.Since I got to the Japanese Garden I walked around sat for a bit to enjoy the view with my friends Monique and Alex.

At first we walked around taking pictures to capture the beauty of the garden. Then I decided to start sketching , my first sketch was a 5 min sketch of the pond facing towards the entrance. For a non- artist I think my sketch came out decent. I knew from the start not to expect a master piece but  it was still nice to try and actually see a resemblance from the garden.

I believe for my 3 sketch i did a quick sketch in which I drew the tree by the smooth rock ground. I tried to draw as many rock as I could in the 30 second, but the primary focus was to get the tree down and the Stone artifact near by. It was a little sloppier then the rest but wanted to do a quick sketch to see how much I can do in a short amount of time.

I did a few other sketch that were not shown in the slide show but these were my favorite sketches done at the garden. I actually enjoyed sketching at the garden since its so peaceful and quite. Even though I might not be a talent artist it was relaxing to draw something and kind of escape your stressful school work. I might go back to the Japanese Garden again to relax and do some more sketching.


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