Wk 9 -Artist Conversation – Ink 17: Turf

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Exhibit Coordinator: Kelvin Lopez and Vanessa Donofrio
Exhibition: Ink 17
Media: Printmaking
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: Personal

In Marilyn Werby Gallery a exhibit was created with many different artist that practice printmaking. Kelvin Lopez and Vanessa Donofrio are the coordinator of the exhibit and put all selected the painting in the exhibit. However, Kelvin was the only one at the gallery so I asked a few question. Kelvin was is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Art in printmaking.As many people, Kelvin did not know what print making was until he took a class. He enjoyed his printmaking classes and decided to get his degree in it. Kelvin really enjoyed putting the exhibit together since he has a passion for art. Kelvin said a lot of students eventually have to curate before graduating.

For the exhibit students were allowed to submit their art piece. Usually professors provide the theme of the gallery which happen to be “turf” which allow students to express their surrounding and how they connect to the world. They would create something that represents how they feel, or connect to their environment and how they see the world. So there was a variety of printmaking  pieces. Some focuses on a bigger picture which involved the whole world while other focused on their lives.

There was a few pieces that stood out to me. One being done by Eva Grello.14799898_1196076047132337_208601344_o

This art piece reminds me of an artist I follow on Instagram, her  name is Heather. It stood out to me and reminded me of all of the art I would see. Then when talking to Kelvin I notice his tattoos on his hand and when asking if he designed it him self he told me did but was inspired by the artist Alex Grey. Alex Grey is a really amazing artist which was I heard about when I was in high school. Grey does a lot of psychedelic art which interest me.One of my favorite pieces was World Tree.

Image result for alex grey


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