wk9 – Art Care Package

At first I was at a lost of what to do and who to send it to. But then I thought of my sister who I haven’t seen in while. So then I thought what should I put in the package. So I wanted to let my big sister know how I’ve been and what I’ve been up to. I began to filling a envelope with tickets of events I’ve been too. Time cards from work, some little doodles I do when I am bored. I also put a logo of a company I recently met with and talked to at an event I attended, the event hackathon.

I personally delivered it to my sister Lynette who just recently moved out. I hardly see my sister so I thought it would be nice to surprise her with something. It might not be much but it was a way of letting her know what I’ve been up to. In the ACP I included a ticket of the MMA fight I have recently went to this past weekend.  My sister and I had dinner and talked for a while of all the things that I have been doing and how I have been busy with everything like the event I went to called hackathon. I explained to her what hackathon was and how it was. We caught up and she told me how it was unpacking in the new apartment. It was a fun experiment and it would have been nice to actually mailed it and have a letter inside but I didnt know the address. I also wanted to see how my sister would react, at first confused but then as I told her what everything meant she got it.

In a way snapchat lets people know what you are up too  but its not the same as an ACP. An ACP has more of a meaning than any snapchat will. By starting off its lets them know you are thinking of them and are able to connect better. Art that is seen be fewer people create an unique perspective of that art piece. Since not many people have see it that ones that have will think highly of it. Overall ACP has more thought than any snapchat. Just as people receive emails daily, when getting an invitation through the mail people get more excite.


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