Wk 10 – Artist Converstion -YingYing Fu

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Artist: Yingying Fu
Exhibition: The Otherside of The Pacific Ocean 
Media: Painting
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L Gatov East Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: N/A

YingYing Fu was not at the Exhibition so I was unable to talk to the artist face to face but from approval from the chair of the art department. Fu created this art exhibit to fulfill the requirement of gettinga degree in the Master of Fine Art. Fu does painting and drawing figurative, Fu is grew up in a small town by the Pacific Ocean in China. Fu would find himself at the beach playing in the sand and enjoying the peace and quiet. So when moving to Southern California Fu seen a new perspective of the Pacific Ocean. What was once Fu place to escape to find tranquility was now a place to see how people interact with each other and their surrounding. Fu wanted to capture the emotions of the people he observed as well as their inner world.

The painting are amazing with bright colors that bring the painting alive. Fu used color that compliment each other and makes the people and the ocean look beautiful. From the painting you can see how the people are relaxing and enjoying themselves. Fu captures these moment perfectly and adding a new prespective of how he saw the ocean growing up in China

In my opinion Fu did a great job capturing the people modes and the surrounding. All the painting have great details and are colorful. I personally like the painting with a man caring a surfboard with a life guard tower in the background. There is another painting that captures a family sun tanning and relaxing, most likely enjoying their day off or weekend. Fu did an amazing job with all the painting done in the exhibit.


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