wk 10 – Fiber Art Social Media

Social Networking is a way of communicating with others online thought text,video or images. When I use social media I think of people I’ve had once had for class or meet through other friends. Most of the time I I use it as a buffer so the other person doesn’t not feel obligated to exchange phone numbers which is more personal. With my close friends I use social media to communicate in large groups or share posts found online quicker. I understand the meaning of Dubar’s Number and some of the reasoning but I feel like there isn’t a cap on having meaningful relationships.Truthfully I don’t know exact number of meaningful relationships but if that person has made my life better in any way they will be consider a close friend until they or I change in personality. Being a close friend doesn’t really mean we have to communicate everyday but to be able to go instantly go back to the way we were the last time we see or talked to each other. To have thousands of friends on facebook doesn’t mean anything to me because there are only a few that I talk to or keep in touch with. The rest of acquaintance from work, close friends, or school who have some importance but don’t necessarily  know my personal life. When doing the Social Network experience in class made me realize how we all kind of know one another through classmate conversation or though activities. On the way to the class my friends and I ran into someone from art and I didn’t know him but both of them knew him from a classmate conversation they had done with him two weeks before. If I were to count my closest friends right now i think I would say i have about 25 and for family an another 10.


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