wk 11 – Artist Conversation – Kyle Kruse

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Artist: Kyle Kruse 
Exhibition: Janis Maxim
Media: Installation, Wood Carving, Film Making, Printing
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merilyn Werby
Website: Kyle Kruse Art
Instagram: @kyle.kruse

The artist conversation this week was interesting as usual. Lets start with the artist Kyle Kruse is attending CSULB for a 6th year.As a senior, Kruse is pursuing a BFA in print making and has made his focus on wood carving. Kruse has a sleeping problem, insomnia, which makes him stay up all night. So most of his projects are inspired from his late nights as well as being created. Kruse has many hobbies such as rock climbing and enjoying a good plate of curry which is his favorite food. Once he graduate from CSULB Kruse wants to continue going to school and might apply to Yale or NYU. The biggest influence in Kruse was his grandparents who are art collectors which got him on the path of print making.

The exhibit is something different that your usual painting or sculpture. The exhibit takes place on a dark room. One thing you will notice is there a little rubble in the room to give it a outdoor feel. The head figures give it a mysterious and wild look that grabs people attention.The three mask and wooden shield is what grab most of the audience attention. When asking the thoughts of Kruse message of the exhibit, he said he wanted people to let them figure it out so they can experience something different. He said if we ever ask a magician the secrets of the trick. This stood out because people can experience something different from you.

There were many people questioning the idea of why do something”so creepy” but art is not always suppose to be beautiful and breath taking. Art is suppose to make you experience something you haven’t before. For Kruse he wanted to see how he people experience his art. What really got me in to this exhibit is the mask and wooden shield. Kruse video was interesting as well, which is him in the wilderness creating a fire. In my opinion, the exhibit  is suppose to give you a medieval vibe. Back when people would hunt with spears and knifes.


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