wk 14 – Classmate Conversation – Melissa Rios


For the classmate conversation this week I talked to one of our team leader for the final Melissa Rios. Melissa is from Norwalk CA which is close to where I live. Melissa has 2 siblings, one brother and one sister both younger. Melissa reads as a hobby but has never read a comic book  which is one of my hobbies. Melissa also enjoys going to disneyland on her free time. Melissa is very mellow and family is really important to her. Melissa is a second year biology major. Melissa dream job is to be Physician Assistant. College in 2036 is a long time away and many things are going to change. Melissa technology is going to be a big part of college since it is now and technology is continuing to grow. But she believes it comes down to the individual since they might have an ideal of what college is going to be like and want to experience it a certain way. When it comes to studying Melissa believes people will study online through skype or google plus.


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