wk 14 – Instagram day

Wednesday was international Instagram day for art 110 at CSULB. Throughout the day we had to post on instagram  what we were doing and put the hashtag art110f. So I went about my daily routine and at first I didn’t know what to post since I usually only post on special occasions. I use Snapchat as my daily post but today was a little different in the sense that I was using instagram to post about my day. I began posting about the hat i was wearing which is one of my favorite hats. I also posted the people was was with the majority of the day which are in our art class. Once getting to class i thought it would be cool to post in class while I waited for the class to begin.

The next day i went through all the hashtags and see what everyone else was posting. It was cool I seen how people were posting about their friends like i did. Then there was a few people that posted pictures of their shoes or outfit which is what I  kind of did when i posted about my hat. It was cool so see many post similar things as I did, and to see what people do on their free time between classes or after classes. As for me I usually am doing boring stuff during my break like study but other play sports and or ping pong.


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