wk 15 – Art Activity – Finger Painting

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Finger painting was this week project. It was fun and perfect timing for this project, since finals were the same week it was kind of a stress reliever to paint and have a little fun. When I was finger painting a friend seen how fun I was having and asked if she could paint a little too. Being stressed out she has a little fin helping me paint. I had three colors yellow, black and purple. However, when opening the yellow there was nothing in there so the primary colors was black and purple.

When starting the finger painting I didn’t know what to so or how to start. I decided so start off with the little yellow I had in the center an then work my way out towards the edge of the page. I named this finger painting L.O.S – Loss Of  Sunshine.  This has multiple meaning to me at the moment all my finals are clouding my mind with stress bit there is a light (yellow)  in the darkness and there is always a hope thing will get better. Just like these final(the darkness) there will come a time that things will get better. To be specific December 16, the day after all my finals.


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