wk 15 – Artist Conversation – Ariel Maldonado

Artist: Ariel Maldonado
Exhibition: Cermanics
Media: Ceramic
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East
Website: N/A
Instagram: ariel__maldonado

Ariel Maldonado is a fourth year at CSULB and is in a Ceramic program here on campus. Maldonado became interested in ceramic when she took a class in high school. She really loved molding her hands. Ariel spends a lot of time at school giving her little to no time to have hobbies. Ariel does other art but she prefers 3D over 2D. She enjoys sculpting, welding and wood art.

The gallery was filled with many ceramic pieces. There was little and large pieces of ceramic,there was cups, bowls, plates and many pots with succulents. Ariel ised brown, blue and green color throughout her exhibit. Ariel loves clay and she loves creating art. Ariel says her succulents were selling out faster than her other pieces.

The reason why I was so interested in this exhibit was the simple fact that it reminded me of my tia who would make ceramic things like mug and and other clay sculpture. My tia does a lot of hand work that can be seen as art so I felt like it was seeing my tia working when i was little.


wk 15 – Art Activity – Finger Painting

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Finger painting was this week project. It was fun and perfect timing for this project, since finals were the same week it was kind of a stress reliever to paint and have a little fun. When I was finger painting a friend seen how fun I was having and asked if she could paint a little too. Being stressed out she has a little fin helping me paint. I had three colors yellow, black and purple. However, when opening the yellow there was nothing in there so the primary colors was black and purple.

When starting the finger painting I didn’t know what to so or how to start. I decided so start off with the little yellow I had in the center an then work my way out towards the edge of the page. I named this finger painting L.O.S – Loss Of  Sunshine.  This has multiple meaning to me at the moment all my finals are clouding my mind with stress bit there is a light (yellow)  in the darkness and there is always a hope thing will get better. Just like these final(the darkness) there will come a time that things will get better. To be specific December 16, the day after all my finals.

wk 14 – Classmate Conversation – Melissa Rios


For the classmate conversation this week I talked to one of our team leader for the final Melissa Rios. Melissa is from Norwalk CA which is close to where I live. Melissa has 2 siblings, one brother and one sister both younger. Melissa reads as a hobby but has never read a comic book  which is one of my hobbies. Melissa also enjoys going to disneyland on her free time. Melissa is very mellow and family is really important to her. Melissa is a second year biology major. Melissa dream job is to be Physician Assistant. College in 2036 is a long time away and many things are going to change. Melissa technology is going to be a big part of college since it is now and technology is continuing to grow. But she believes it comes down to the individual since they might have an ideal of what college is going to be like and want to experience it a certain way. When it comes to studying Melissa believes people will study online through skype or google plus.

wk 14 – Instagram day

Wednesday was international Instagram day for art 110 at CSULB. Throughout the day we had to post on instagram  what we were doing and put the hashtag art110f. So I went about my daily routine and at first I didn’t know what to post since I usually only post on special occasions. I use Snapchat as my daily post but today was a little different in the sense that I was using instagram to post about my day. I began posting about the hat i was wearing which is one of my favorite hats. I also posted the people was was with the majority of the day which are in our art class. Once getting to class i thought it would be cool to post in class while I waited for the class to begin.

The next day i went through all the hashtags and see what everyone else was posting. It was cool I seen how people were posting about their friends like i did. Then there was a few people that posted pictures of their shoes or outfit which is what I  kind of did when i posted about my hat. It was cool so see many post similar things as I did, and to see what people do on their free time between classes or after classes. As for me I usually am doing boring stuff during my break like study but other play sports and or ping pong.

wk 12 – Artist Concersation – Sage Garver

Artist: Sage Garver 
Exhibition: BIO
Media: Sculpture
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: N/A

Sage Garver is from Hermosa Beach and is currently attending CSULB. This is Sage last semester here at CSulb where she us graduating with a BFA, where she mainly focused on sculpture. Sage plans on traveling to Hawaii and work more on sculpting. She also wanted to work on her MFA while she was out there. Sage was always artistic and it started with drawings.In the begining of her college life the are department required some sculture classes. Sage began to like sculpting over drawing since you can physically hold your creations.

Sage’s exhibit BIO was inspired by biology. This exhibit took about one month to complete. Sage used foam ball that suck to the wall to create cells she had once see under a microscope and other biological Diagram. There was different shapes ans sizes of the call on the walk which looked really nice. In the center of it all was a shining multicolored orb which sage  said can represent a person whereas the gold chains can be exterior part of your body.

I liked this exhibit a lot because I seen something different when I first walked in. When I first walked I thought it was something dealing with the ocean. But then realizing that it was representing a cell I started to see what she was expressing. Art isn’t always so obvious to the viewers but that a good thing it gets people thinking and creates conversation among each other. There isn’t always one way to see something in art.


wk 11 – Classmate Conversation – Marysol Jimenez


I had a nice time talking to my new friend Maryisol who is from Compton close to my home town. She is a 4th years like me and is studying sociology. When she is not at school she is working at Children place in Lakewood mall. At work she does different positions such as cashier shipment and customer service.

As for the question of the week Marysol and I talked for bit about fan art. Marysol was saying its cool since you get a chance to put your own touch to something you like. Then we talked about the Demi Lovato situation in which a artist did a fan art of her. Marysol thought she over reacted and should have appreciated the thought of being drawn so beautifully the first time. Then the second time was insulting but Demi Lovato should have appreciated the thought of being consider so highly to be drawn as a mermaid.

wk 11 – Artist Conversation – Kyle Kruse

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Artist: Kyle Kruse 
Exhibition: Janis Maxim
Media: Installation, Wood Carving, Film Making, Printing
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merilyn Werby
Website: Kyle Kruse Art
Instagram: @kyle.kruse

The artist conversation this week was interesting as usual. Lets start with the artist Kyle Kruse is attending CSULB for a 6th year.As a senior, Kruse is pursuing a BFA in print making and has made his focus on wood carving. Kruse has a sleeping problem, insomnia, which makes him stay up all night. So most of his projects are inspired from his late nights as well as being created. Kruse has many hobbies such as rock climbing and enjoying a good plate of curry which is his favorite food. Once he graduate from CSULB Kruse wants to continue going to school and might apply to Yale or NYU. The biggest influence in Kruse was his grandparents who are art collectors which got him on the path of print making.

The exhibit is something different that your usual painting or sculpture. The exhibit takes place on a dark room. One thing you will notice is there a little rubble in the room to give it a outdoor feel. The head figures give it a mysterious and wild look that grabs people attention.The three mask and wooden shield is what grab most of the audience attention. When asking the thoughts of Kruse message of the exhibit, he said he wanted people to let them figure it out so they can experience something different. He said if we ever ask a magician the secrets of the trick. This stood out because people can experience something different from you.

There were many people questioning the idea of why do something”so creepy” but art is not always suppose to be beautiful and breath taking. Art is suppose to make you experience something you haven’t before. For Kruse he wanted to see how he people experience his art. What really got me in to this exhibit is the mask and wooden shield. Kruse video was interesting as well, which is him in the wilderness creating a fire. In my opinion, the exhibit  is suppose to give you a medieval vibe. Back when people would hunt with spears and knifes.

wk 10 – Fiber Art Social Media

Social Networking is a way of communicating with others online thought text,video or images. When I use social media I think of people I’ve had once had for class or meet through other friends. Most of the time I I use it as a buffer so the other person doesn’t not feel obligated to exchange phone numbers which is more personal. With my close friends I use social media to communicate in large groups or share posts found online quicker. I understand the meaning of Dubar’s Number and some of the reasoning but I feel like there isn’t a cap on having meaningful relationships.Truthfully I don’t know exact number of meaningful relationships but if that person has made my life better in any way they will be consider a close friend until they or I change in personality. Being a close friend doesn’t really mean we have to communicate everyday but to be able to go instantly go back to the way we were the last time we see or talked to each other. To have thousands of friends on facebook doesn’t mean anything to me because there are only a few that I talk to or keep in touch with. The rest of acquaintance from work, close friends, or school who have some importance but don’t necessarily  know my personal life. When doing the Social Network experience in class made me realize how we all kind of know one another through classmate conversation or though activities. On the way to the class my friends and I ran into someone from art and I didn’t know him but both of them knew him from a classmate conversation they had done with him two weeks before. If I were to count my closest friends right now i think I would say i have about 25 and for family an another 10.

Wk 10 – Artist Converstion -YingYing Fu

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Artist: Yingying Fu
Exhibition: The Otherside of The Pacific Ocean 
Media: Painting
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L Gatov East Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: N/A

YingYing Fu was not at the Exhibition so I was unable to talk to the artist face to face but from approval from the chair of the art department. Fu created this art exhibit to fulfill the requirement of gettinga degree in the Master of Fine Art. Fu does painting and drawing figurative, Fu is grew up in a small town by the Pacific Ocean in China. Fu would find himself at the beach playing in the sand and enjoying the peace and quiet. So when moving to Southern California Fu seen a new perspective of the Pacific Ocean. What was once Fu place to escape to find tranquility was now a place to see how people interact with each other and their surrounding. Fu wanted to capture the emotions of the people he observed as well as their inner world.

The painting are amazing with bright colors that bring the painting alive. Fu used color that compliment each other and makes the people and the ocean look beautiful. From the painting you can see how the people are relaxing and enjoying themselves. Fu captures these moment perfectly and adding a new prespective of how he saw the ocean growing up in China

In my opinion Fu did a great job capturing the people modes and the surrounding. All the painting have great details and are colorful. I personally like the painting with a man caring a surfboard with a life guard tower in the background. There is another painting that captures a family sun tanning and relaxing, most likely enjoying their day off or weekend. Fu did an amazing job with all the painting done in the exhibit.

wk9 – Art Care Package

At first I was at a lost of what to do and who to send it to. But then I thought of my sister who I haven’t seen in while. So then I thought what should I put in the package. So I wanted to let my big sister know how I’ve been and what I’ve been up to. I began to filling a envelope with tickets of events I’ve been too. Time cards from work, some little doodles I do when I am bored. I also put a logo of a company I recently met with and talked to at an event I attended, the event hackathon.

I personally delivered it to my sister Lynette who just recently moved out. I hardly see my sister so I thought it would be nice to surprise her with something. It might not be much but it was a way of letting her know what I’ve been up to. In the ACP I included a ticket of the MMA fight I have recently went to this past weekend.  My sister and I had dinner and talked for a while of all the things that I have been doing and how I have been busy with everything like the event I went to called hackathon. I explained to her what hackathon was and how it was. We caught up and she told me how it was unpacking in the new apartment. It was a fun experiment and it would have been nice to actually mailed it and have a letter inside but I didnt know the address. I also wanted to see how my sister would react, at first confused but then as I told her what everything meant she got it.

In a way snapchat lets people know what you are up too  but its not the same as an ACP. An ACP has more of a meaning than any snapchat will. By starting off its lets them know you are thinking of them and are able to connect better. Art that is seen be fewer people create an unique perspective of that art piece. Since not many people have see it that ones that have will think highly of it. Overall ACP has more thought than any snapchat. Just as people receive emails daily, when getting an invitation through the mail people get more excite.